TAKE ACTION - Common Cents Curriculum


Neighborhood Service is a powerful way for students on the roundtable to deepen their community impact, their learning, and involve other students.  Projects can be funded by the the roundtable budget or coupled with an existing grant – at no extra cost.

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For the Colorado Penny Harvest Curriculum, adapted by teachers and coaches participating in the program, contact Kelly Hayes at khayes@ypfoundation.org.

Know Your Issue: Connecting the Learning to the Service

Before students can create their own meaningful service project they must understand the issues they are working to find solutions for.  Learning about community issues prepares students to create and lead a service project that is based on thoughtful consideration and expert knowledge.  And, deeper learning about social issues reinfores academic skills and subject area learning too.
KWLD Chart (What we Know, Want to Know, Learned and will Do)


Into Action: Planning and Performing Deeds

Once students have learned about the issue(s) they want to address, matched their assets to community needs, they are ready to make a plan, and to put their plan into action!  Creating an Action Plan helps students to state their goal for service, utilize resources available to them, and learn project planning skills.

Action Plan template

Finishing Strong: Celebrating the Success, Reflecting on the Experience

Celebrating, reflecting and evaluating helps students process what they’ve accomplished and reinforces their learning.  There are many opportunities to reflect on the yearlong Penny Harvest, but you might consider smaller celebrations to mark the completion of a service project. 

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