PARTY & PLAN - Common Cents Curriculum


It’s the final sprint and almost time for graduating student leaders to pass the torch – or penny pins – to next year’s leadership.  First, it’s important for students to celebrate and reflect to reinforce their learning and to set even higher goals for next year!  As students party and plan, they should invite others to celebrate their accomplishments by letting their good deeds be known.

The end of the year is also the time to alert your Penny Harvest Office if you anticipate any changes in administration or scheduling at your school next year.  If you are not going to be the Penny Harvest Coach next year (we hope you are!), work with your principal to appoint and train a successor.  If you are moving schools, be sure to start the Penny Harvest at your new school.  Ensure that all your hard work will plant the seeds for many harvests to come! Click Here to Download Next Year's Application.

For the Colorado Penny Harvest Curriculum, adapted by teachers and coaches participating in the program, contact Kelly Hayes at

Looking Back, Looking Ahead: Reflecting and Planning for Next Year

We learn not by doing or by thinking, but by thinking about what we are doing.  Reflecting on the year helps leaders realize how they grew as young philanthropists and the impact they made on their community.  They will also begin to understand that Penny Harvest Leader’s work is never done!  They can plan ahead to make sure their Penny Harvest is even more successful next year.
Recognizing Students and Grant Recipients
To close out the year, it’s important to spread the word about all the good work Penny Harvest students have been doing.  A Check Award Ceremony is a special way to recognize students and grant recipients.  Be sure to communicate not only the final products of the Penny Harvest (grants to organizations and neighborhood service projects), but all the learning and community connections that came from gathering pennies, making funding decisions and planning and doing service.