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American Lung Association in Colorado **
Educates the community about the importance of healthy lungs

American Heart Association *
Educates the community about Cardiovascular Disease

Autism Society of Colorado **
Offers education and support for those affected by Autism

Cancer League of Colorado **
Dedicated to finding a cure for cancer

Canine Partners of the Rockies **
Provides therapy dogs for people with disabilities

Carson J. Spencer Foundation *
Develops suicide prevention options, as well as support for those bereaved by suicide

Colorado Service Dogs **
Provides therapy dogs for people with disabilities

Colorado Talking Book Library **
Provides brail, audio, and large-print books to those who cannot read standard print

Denver Health Foundation ***
Provides health-care for the Denver and Rocky Mountain Region

Easter Seals *
Enhances the quality of life for those affected with health challenges

Educational Outreach Program ***
Provides education and support for children affected by homelessness

Freedom Service Dogs of America **
Trains and connects dogs with disabled individuals in need

Front Range Rescue Dogs
Trains and utilizes dogs to locate missing individuals

Guiding Eyes for the Blind
Provides guide and service dogs to those in need

GrowHaus **
Provides food and food-education to local areas in need

Has many projects all around the world that help areas like Children, Elderly, Health/Wellness, Hunger/Homelessness, and Environment. These projects cost from $5.00 to $500.00

Karis Community *
A transitional community-home for individuals recovering from mental illness

Kits for Kids***
Provides medical supplies to under-served clinics

Klinefelter Syndrome & Associates **
Improves the quality of life for those suffering from KS

LaLmba **
Provides support and self-sufficiency programs for people in Africa

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society ***
Provides financial-aid and research for those affected with Leukemia or Lymphoma

LiveWell Colorado
Fights obesity in the State of Colorado

Make-A-Wish Foundation of Colorado *
Grants the wishes of children who are facing life-threatening illnesses

Rocky Mountain Cancer Assistance
Provides temporary financial support for those with cancer

Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association ***
Helps individuals with down syndrome gain independence

Sense of Security
Provides financial support for those with breast cancer

The Children's Hospital Colorado Foundation ***
Advocates and works toward the health of children

The Denver Hospice
Provides terminally-ill patients with compassionate care

* Indicates a non-profit that hosts kid-friendly activities for students under the age of 13, with or without adult supervision.

** Indicates a non-profit that hosts activities with an age limit, with or without adult supervision.

*** Indicates a non-profit that hosts off-site activities for students, with or without adult supervision.

Please be mindful of the reasons why certain organizations do not sponsor kid-friendly activities.  Oftentimes these organizations cannot sponsor youth volunteerism due to legal limitations, safety issues, or even due to lack of funding. Please extend your research to understand each organization's limits.