GATHERING PENNIES - Common Cents Curriculum


Your year-long philanthropic journey begins by organizing student leaders to mobilize the whole school to gather pennies.  These funds fuel making grants in the Philanthropy Roundtable and taking action for Neighborhood Service.

Building a caring community begins at home and with neighbors, and continues throughout the school. Begin by engaging your colleagues, your student leaders, the entire student body and their families in the Penny Harvest.

Download the Common Cents Introduction to Gather Pennies section

Download the Common Cents Leading the Harvest section

Download the Student Leader Application Form

For the Colorado Penny Harvest Curriculum, adapted by teachers and coaches participating in the program, contact Kelly Hayes at

Quick Links for the Common Cents Curriculum Guide:

PH Leader Permission Slip  to let families know about their child's honor

Dear Parent/Family Letter to let all families know about the Penny Harvest (available in 13 languages)

Wheel of Caring for all classrooms

Curriculum Connection: Dear Neighbor: We Need Your Pennies! for all classrooms

“Dear Neighbor” Letter for students to share with neighbors 

 “Dear Neighbor” Script for students to prepare for gathering pennies

Quick Links for the Alternative Curriculum Guide:

Student Leader Application for interested students to fill-out

Role of the Student Leader outlines the responsibilities and expectations of a Student Leader

Student Leader's "Mini" Penny Harvest

Sample Penny Harvest Script 

Please help me collect pennies! 

Sample Staff Instructions 

Questions Frequently Asked by Penny Harvest Students a list of FAQs (along with answers) for coaches

Getting Everybody Involved

The Penny Harvest is for everyone—it’s a school wide program that involves every student in learning and harvesting.  Motivating each student to gather pennies, implementing a Penny Olympics, advertising the Penny Harvest and sharing Curriculum Connections with all teachers allows each child to participate meaningfully—  and of course, allows your school to accumulate enough pennies to beat the 25-sack challenge!

Download the Getting Everybody Involved section

Finishing Strong

It’s time to reflect, recognize, celebrate and look ahead.  The “weight” of all the work you put into harvesting pennies will be lifted away as pennies are picked up.  A Tally Rally is a great for your school to come together once again and celebrate accomplishments, announce harvest totals, wrap up the Penny Olympics as well as reconnect on the purpose of gathering pennies—continuing into the Philanthropy Roundtable.