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Center for Native Ecosystems **
Protects endangered species in the Rocky Mountain West

Community Cycles **
Educates and advocates the use of bicycles

Denver Bike Sharing ***
Promotes the health and preservation of Denver's environment

Earth Force ***
Engages youth to improve their environment and communities

Global Greengrants Fund
Helps the environmental and promotes social justice

Groundwork Colorado */**
Cleans and beautifies local neighborhoods

Peace Parks Foundation
Works with governments to develop conservation areas

Rocky Mountain Climate
Keeps the West beautiful by protecting the climate

Rocky Mountain Wild **
Protects wildlife in the Rockies

SPREE (South Platte River Environmental Education) *
Promotes life-long connections between youth and the environment

The Colorado Nature Conservancy **
Works toward the conservation of land and water

Wildlands Restoration Volunteers **
Works to restore the environment

* Indicates a non-profit that hosts kid-friendly activities for students under the age of 13, with or without adult supervision.

** Indicates a non-profit that hosts activities with an age limit, with or without adult supervision.

*** Indicates a non-profit that hosts off-site activities for students, with or without adult supervision.

Please be mindful of the reasons why certain organizations do not sponsor kid-friendly activities.  Oftentimes these organizations cannot sponsor youth volunteerism due to legal limitations, safety issues, or even due to lack of funding. Please extend your research to understand each organization's limits.