Beer and Bingo a Huge Success! 

Thank you to everyone who joined us for Beer and Bingo last night at the Handlebar Tavern! We raised over $500 for our programs, and Project CURE said they'd never received so many donated items for their kits from an event before! And, we had a LOT of fun!

This was not your grandma's bingo night.  The bingo games turned out to be music bingo! Our cards had artists and song names rather than numbers, and we had to cross off the songs we heard as the caller played them.  We were rocking out and singing along in our seats (thank goodness it was loud enough we couldn't hear each other very well), and itching to call Bingo for restaurant gift certificates!

The raffle prizes were fantastic too! Comedy Works tickets, gift Certificates to Pizza Republica, Opus, Sexy Pizza, Butterfly Pavillion and more!

The Handlebar Tavern turned out to be a great venue.  I've found my hub for ski-ball and shuffleboard!

I was too busy having too much fun to take pictures, but will be posting all the pics So Rewarding took as soon as I get those.  Thank you to all who came and made this first Young Philanthropists Game night fantastic!!


Kids Have the Best Ideas!

I never would have thought to collect left over school supplies at the END of the school year, but these brilliant kids did just that and ended up with 6 SUV's full of supplies to take to a new DPS school.  I am about to meet one of these brilliant young minds as our newest Youth Advisory Board Member this year, and I am really looking forward to it! Read all about their project and organization here!


Wiggins Park Day a Success! 

This Saturday we had quite the crew in Wiggins, helping spruce up the park with Jodi Walker's Kids At Their Best.  Young Philanthropists Foundation brought Impact Factory kids, parents, and committee members, Penny Harvest Coach RuthAnne Schedler from Alexander Dawson School and some of her Helping Hands Club kids and parents, and Pat Zietz and her family from The Inn Between! All together we made a great team!


I had to hurry to try to get some "before" shots as our team just jumped right in!  We pulled weeds on the play ground and spread mulch.  There were many bare spots with concrete showing, and the weed fabric was ripped and looking shabby.

Tracy's (Impact Factory Committee) trimming the fabric and getting out of the mulch crew's way!

You can see the rest of the play ground, and beyond covered in weeds. 

Everyone jumped right in, spreading mulch...

...and painting the posts on the gazebo.

More mulch came, three truck loads total!

Thank goodness for our young directors, Miller and Cade, who took charge of the mulch spreading and let Tim know where to dump loads in his bobcat.  An Extra thank you to Jodi's son Tim for that handy piece of equipment!

Kids At Their Best mamas worked on hoeing up the weeds, making room for the checker board.

Once the gazebo posts were done, our painters moved on to freshen up the play ground posts, starting with the swings.  Jodi found painter mitts which were perfect for this project!

And for those hard to reach places...

The kids from Kids At Their Best had a brilliant idea to make a life size checker board!


And we freshened up the trash can with a little art project!

The kids discovered a great way to experiment with new colors while high fiving each other!


Take a look at all our hard work on the park!


And some of the hard workers that made this day possible!

Kids at Their Best Yanelli, and Impact Factory's Tracy Vlnicka.

The Austins, from The Inn Between family.

Pat Zietz and her family from The Inn Between.

Some of the girls from Kids at Their Best.


Jodi Walker from Kids At Their Best and RuthAnne Schedler from Alexander Dawson School, Penny Harvest and Impact Factory.

Cade and Miller from Alexander Dawson School's Helping Hands Club.


Impact Factory's Maddie Spiecker.


And organizers Jodi Walker and Kelly Hayes


Thank you for making this a wonderful day!


Fashion Foward

If you haven't heard of Boulder-based Bead for Life already, you're missing out! Especially if you haven't had a chance to wear their beautiful beads! These aren't simply pieces of jewelry though.  Bead for life teaches business skills and entrepreneurship to women in Uganda who use those skills to raise themselves out of the dire situations they and their family face; living in slums, living in fear of war, living in fear of being sold into the human trafficking system with no way out. 

In addition to their entreprenerial services and gorgeous jewelry made out of wrapped-paper beads, Bead for Life also has curriculum available to help teach our kids about the kinds of challenges others may face. 

And, one of my favorite parts, they are starting a pay-it-forward campaign: "Do good, get bangled!"  Anyone that wants to get in on the movement can write in to Bead for Life to get a pack of beaded bangles.  Whenever they see someone doing something good, they write on the tag "You've been bangled for..." and hand them a bracelet! They can be tracked online and both the banglers and bangled do-gooders can share their stories!

Take a look at all Bead for Life has to offer - including kid friendly volunteer opportunities - and do some good around the world.  You may end up with a bangle for it!



Impact Factory Makes an...Impact!

This last Saturday our amazing team gathered once more to complete their project for Brent's Place.

Our kids made 4 big totes for 2 toddlers, a boy and girl, and two teens, a boy and girl, to decorate their rooms and make their stay a little more homey.  The bins included sheets and bedspreads (the toddler boy's theme was Toy Story!), art for the walls and accessories like fun clocks, lamps, or picture frames.


We also made name plates for the apartment doors at Brent's Place at the request of the staff.


We also made Welcome Bags...

...and wrote letters to the families and the patients at Brent's Place.

We made sure to get some inter-personal warm fuzzies in between as well!  Here we're writing things we like about each other on cards taped to our backs.  The impact this program has isnn't just on the outside organizations, but on our members too - from one to the other - and that was made very clear by the great things shared on our cards.

After completing our project, we had a Celebration Pizza Party at a nearby park. 

At the Celebration we handed out Impact Factory certificates as well as Cowboy Ethics Certificates on which the Member's 11th Principle was added.  After completing the 10 principles in the Cowboy Ethics curriculum, each Member came up with their own personal 11th principles, such as "Smile Wherever, whenever, however you can turn someone's day from bad into amazing,"  or "Be sensitive to how other people feel."


After the celebration, some of us were able to go to Brent's Place for a tour and to deliver all our goodies!

Great job Impact Factory Team!  I am so proud of the things you have done this year, and I can't wait for next year!!