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Animal Assisted Therapy Programs of Colorado **
Promotes animal therapy to people in need

Aurora Animal Shelter

Provides humane shelter for lost or abandoned animals.

Cat Care Society
Provides a cage-free shelter to homeless and abused cats

Colorado Animal Rescue Express
Arranges and provides transportation for animals in high-kill shelters to rescue organizations and homes.

Colorado Horse Rescue
Provides care and shelter to abused or abandoned horses.

Colorado Humane Society & SPCA
Advocates for the humane treatment of animals

Denver Dumb Friends League
Committed to the shelter and welfare of small pets, cats, dogs, and horses

Denver Animal Shelter**
Dedicated to the welfare of animals

Denver Zoo
Advocates conservation, as well as education of over 3,800 species

Duncan's Place ***
A cat sanctuary that connects homeless cats with their forever families

Foothills Animal Shelter and Foundation
Provides care for homeless animals

Freedom Service Dogs of America **
Trains and connects dogs with disabled individuals in need

Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue ***
Shelters and cares for abandoned Golden Retrievers

Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center ***
Rehabilitates injured and orphaned wildlife, while educating the public about humane/wildlife interactions

The Horse Protection League **
Dedicated to the protection of horses, ponies, donkeys, and mules

Humane Society of Pikes Peak Region *
Dedicated to creating a society where animals are cared for and valued

Longmont Humane Society **
Promotes the welfare of animals

MaxFund **
A no-kill shelter dedicated to providing care for abandoned animals

Pandas International

dedicated to helping save the Giant Panda population

Rocky Mountain Alley Cat Alliance ***

Provides spay/neuter services for homeless cats

Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue **
Rehabilitates abandoned Cocker Spaniels to be placed in forever homes

Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue **
A no-kill shelter for homeless and abused cats

Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue **
Finds foster homes for Labrador Retrievers, while providing spay/neuter services and education to the public

Shelter-Me Photography *
Provides free, professional photography for shelter animals

Stymie Canine Cancer Foundation*
Helps families who cant afford cancer treatment for their pets and funds canine cancer research

Triple Acres Horse Rescue *
Dedicated to the care and rehabilitation of all equines

The Feline Fix ***
Provides spay/neuter services for stray and feral cats

The Wild Animal Sanctuary ***
Provides care and rehabilitation for exotic animals that have been abandoned or abused

W.O.L.F. Sanctuary
Provides a sanctuary for neglected wolves and wolf-dogs

Zuma's Rescue Ranch *
Provides mentoring and care for neglected humans and horses

* Indicates a non-profit that hosts kid-friendly activities for students under the age of 13, with or without adult supervision.

** Indicates a non-profit that hosts activities with an age limit, with or without adult supervision.

*** Indicates a non-profit that hosts off-site activities for students, with or without adult supervision.

Please be mindful of the reasons why certain organizations do not sponsor kid-friendly activities.  Oftentimes these organizations cannot sponsor youth volunteerism due to legal limitations, safety issues, or even due to lack of funding. Please extend your research to understand each organization's limits.